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If you are in need of reliable and trustworthy repair service for your MacBook then look no further. iPhone Service Center Kolkata is the best MacBook Service center in town. Our team has years of experience repairing all types of devices including the latest MacBook models. We can fix any issue such as MacBook Body Repair, MacBook Hinge replacement, MacBook battery replacement, etc., without compromising quality so don't hesitate to contact us now or book your repair now.


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I got my Apple iPhone 11 Pro repaired from iPhone Service Center In Kolkata. My phone is out of warranty and I was facing liquid damage issues because by mistake I spilled water on it. I was really scared about it and I thought it was totally damaged. The technicians are certified and they are highly experienced and knowledgeable. The best part is they don’t charge high for the service with free pickup and delivery.

iPhone 11 Pro Liquid Damage

Shreyasi Majhee

Great experience! I had a problem with my iPhone 7s screen that is totally damaged due to an accident and it is completely useless. Got them through their website on google and they offered me for immediate service. Solved my problem within few hours. Replace my screen as new phone screen in a genuine cost. Very gentle and polite behavior, I am satisfied 100 percent. Thanks a lot iPhone Service Center, Kolkata
iPhone 7s Screen Damage

Swati Sinha

I am one of the customers of iPhone Service Center in Kolkata. Satisfied service provided by their technicians. I requested to change my iPhone 4 battery and I enquired different service center but I didn’t get it anywhere because of old model. But iPhone Service Center, Kolkata replace my iPhone battery and delivered it at my office. Thanks to their doorstep service. So, I am totally happy with this service center.
iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

Tanaya Bhattacharya

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You can now visit any iPhone service center near you. As our service center is spread across all major locations in Kolkata. So now get the best and affordable iPhone repair done form our below mentioned service center across Kolkata.


MacBook Repair & Replacement Service In Kolkata

The Apple MacBook is a well-known brand for laptops. The Air version of this computer offers the least amount of features, but it’s still popular with people looking to get their work done without breaking the bank–especially when they have lots on their pile at home! You may use any version of the Apple MacBook for example MacBook Air, MacBook Pro. Both these models may have some similar issues like MacBook like Screen, battery, motherboard, keyboard, Adapter, Body repair, Chip level, Hinge, Liquid damage, RAM, Virus, and malware, etc. Some of these issues are very easy to resolve and some of them are complex. Our high-skilled technicians having around 10+ years of experience can solve any issue efficiently and quickly. If you search for an authorized service center they may charge you a lot and may not provide genuine parts as most of the MacBook users complained. At the iPhone service center, we ensure to use high-quality OEM parts and provide world-class service to our customers. Most of the apple users know about us for our world class services. We are the best Service center of MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iMac, apple watch etc. So contact Now for Your MacBook repair service.

MacBook Screen Replacement

Random Screen flickering is a common issue that most apple users face. You never expect this problem to occur on your expensive MacBook but this is the harsh reality the MacBook can have Screen issues like this. There can also be a chance that the screen of your MacBook gets damaged accidentally. So if you are facing either of the above issues we always suggest Apple MacBook screen replacement. You can visit the iPhone service center in Kolkata as we provide the best MacBook Screen Replacement service in town. We have certified technicians to replace your MacBook screen efficiently and quickly.

MacBook Battery Replacement

Battery drainage issue is one of the most common problems that MacBook users complain about. If you notice that the battery of your MacBook drains faster than before it’s time for MacBook Battery replacement. If you ignore this issue it may cost you more as a faulty battery may lead to major problems like motherboard failure. So it’s better to immediately visit the iPhone service center in Kolkata and avail the Best MacBook Battery replacement service. We have certified technicians to replace your MacBook Battery efficiently and quickly.

MacBook Keyboard Replacement

An input device like a keyboard is essential to make the connection between you and your users. It’s also one of many components that give life to any given device, so it goes without saying how important this little instrument really is. If not working properly we suggest you get a MacBook keyboard replacement done. there are Certified and highly skilled technicians with more than 10 years of experience at the iPhone Service Center can help with fixing all sorts of issues related to keyboards.

MacBook Motherboard Repair

The motherboard or logic board is an essential part of your MacBook and it houses the circuits which allow for its many features. If you have a faulty chip on this circuit, then there could be serious consequences with power issues as well as graphics performance among others. At the iPhone service center, we have certified engineers to deal with any kind of MacBook motherboard issues.

MacBook Chip Level Repair

Basic body repairs like screen, battery, motherboard, keyboard, etc. come under MacBook chip level repair. As your MacBook is very precious so you must look for the best iPhone service center in Kolkata for the best Chip level repair. we have certified and highly trained engineers to deal with any kind of MacBook Chip Level repair.

MacBook Liquid Damage Repair

A MacBook is made to be sensitive to water and other liquids. Once you spill something on it, your device can become unresponsive or completely dead in an instant! Our qualified engineers at the iPhone service center will deal with this for us so that we don’t need to worry about our data being lost due to liquid damage. We offer the best MacBook Liquid Damage repair in Kolkata.

MacBook SSD / Hard Disk Failure Repair

While MacBooks are the most preferred notebook and they’re not immune to hard drive issues, such as slow performance or error messages. There can be a number of problems that affect your laptop’s SSD/ Hard disk including: -not mounting properly; Data loss when you install a new operating system onto an old hard drive without formatting first etc., we at iPhone service center help you recover data from both types. we have a set of experienced and highly skilled technicians who can solve your problem easily and quickly.

MacBook Hinge Repair

MacBook hinges are delicate, expensive parts that can be easily damaged. If you notice your hinge is not working properly or making noises when opening and closing the laptop then it’s probably time for MacBook Hinge Repair. If the technicians find that it cannot be repaired so you must go for MacBook Laptop Hinge Replacement. Our expert technicians at iPhone service center Kolkata with more than 10 years of experience will Repair or replace your MacBook hinge quickly and efficiently.

MacBook Virus And Malware Issues Removal

If you need to remove any viruses or malware from your MacBook, but don’t want the headache of doing that yourself. We at iPhone service center can help! Our certified engineers will take care and do everything necessary so all is returned back as soon as possible with no trace left behind for unwanted guests again.

MacBook RAM Replacement

Do you find your MacBook constantly crashing, hanging, or showing other unwanted behavior? Is the RAM of your computer not performing properly and affecting all sorts in which it runs. If so then there’s a chance that this can be due to an error on one specific area within its memory known as “RAM”. If such issues occur we suggest getting a MacBook RAM replacement done. We at iPhone service center Kolkata have expert technicians with more than 10 years of experience who will Repair or replace your MacBook RAM quickly and efficiently.

MacBook Pro/Air Body Repair

The body of the MacBook is one of the most important components that holds and covers all other sensitive components like RAM, motherboards, etc. So if you get any damage to the body of your Macbook your internal parts of the MacBook get vulnerable. So you must get immediate Macbook Body repair done. We at iPhone service center provide the best MacBook body repair in Kolkata. we have expert technicians with more than 10 years of experience who will Repair or replace your MacBook RAM quickly and efficiently.

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