iPhone is not Charging ? Here Is How You Can Fix It

iPhone Is Not Charging ? Here Is How You Can Fix It

iPhone is not Charging? Here Is How You Can Fix It


iPhone is not charging is one of the common problems faced by iPhone users in Kolkata

Now coming to Kolkata, it was formerly known as Calcutta is the capital of West Bengal. It was founded as an East Indian company trading purpose. Now Kolkata is known for its art, beauty, culture and its tradition. Kolkata is known as the City of Joy, well the name signifies it completely as this city accepts every culture and its tradition and welcome all of it with a great heart. Kolkata contains a mythical history along with it therefore many places in Kolkata are still for tourist attraction. Apart from its Historic attraction and nostalgic feeling, Kolkata has emerged as a commercial and financial hub for East and North-East India. It is a major commercial and military port, and is the only city in eastern India, apart from Bhubaneswar to have an international airport. As in many other Indian cities, information technology became a high-growth sector in Kolkata starting in the late 1990s; the city’s IT sector grew at 70% per annum — a rate that was twice the national average. This overall development of Kolkata led to increasing many industrial markets in it. One such market is Apple. Majority of the Kolkata people uses the iPhone and it has a huge effect on Apple Industries.

iPhone has become one of the best selling handsets in the market. Apple as a product is mostly known for its Operating system and for it camera quality. The newly launched iPhone– the iPhone XS and XS Max – were also welcomed with excitement and enthusiasm. However, while the technological innovations and improvements have swept their users off their feet, but some of the iPhone users are facing some common issues. One of them is that their iPhone is not charging and is getting shut down automatically. This can be a huge disappointment for all the users because without charge the users cannot use their iPhones.

iPhone is not Charging ? Here Is How You Can Fix It

Here are some of the common steps that you should take if your iPhone is charging slowly or is not charging at all:

iPhone is not Charging ? Here Is How You Can Fix It

    • Restart your device – If your iPhone is not charging then restarting the device can resolve a software issue that basically refuses to acknowledge the device. Anytime you are troubleshooting a problem, it helps to restart the system and see if that fixes the particular issue. Rarely needed, but sometimes a simple reboot can resolve the problem and make your device run smoothly. If your phone has enough battery life, restart the phone and then try to charge it again. If you’ve tried all of the above steps and still the iPhone battery is still not charging at all, force reboot the iPhone by holding down the Power button and Home button until you see the  Apple logo, it may help. 

iPhone is not Charging ? Here Is How You Can Fix It

    • Check for the iPhone Lightning port – If your phone isn’t charging the way it usually does, check for the Lightning port. Use a flashlight for inspection and take a close look at the charging port which is in the bottom of your iPhone. This is a lot more common issue for not charging your iPhone as, we spend a lot of time jamming the phone, dust particles or debris can get collected in the porthole resulting the port to get jam. Simply clean the port with a clean cloth and with a pointed object to remove all the excess particle and then plug in the charger to see if it works.

iPhone is not Charging ? Here Is How You Can Fix It

    • Don’t use wireless charger – If your iPhone is not charging at all and you are using a wireless charger then simply remove your iPhone from its wireless charging case, and plug your iPhone into a power source with the help of a Lightning cable. Sometimes wireless charger doesn’t support all the iPhone models or some time it gets faulty and does not work properly. If your iPhone gets charged through the cable then the wireless charger is not working and if it still doesn’t work then visit a service center to repair it.

iPhone is not Charging ? Here Is How You Can Fix It

    • Inspect your USB cable – If you are using your iPhone for a long time and your charging cable is old enough, you will probably see that the cable has gotten broken or bent prongs or frayed out. The repeated bending of the cable results in breaking or rubberized of the outer sheath resulting in exposing of the wire. If your USB cable looks like that and is not properly charging your device, replace it with a new cable and charge again.

  •  Run for DFU Mode and Restore – DFU ( Device Firm Update) restore is a different kind of restore which reloads the software and the firmware of your device which helps in solving severe software issues if they exist. So if there is any software related issue which is resulting for not charging the iPhone then it will resolve it but if it still does not then you need to visit a store.
    • Visit a service center – If nothing at all works then something is wrong with your iPhone, simply visit an authorized service center or a nearby non authorized service center to repair your phone and to replace your faulty iPhone parts.

Why choose iPhone service center in Kolkata: 

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  3. Quality Parts – We provides with quality parts and all are OEM certified. Most of the repair center charges a hefty amount and gives faulty parts to the customers. But as we respect our customers and their money we always try to provide with the best parts we can
  4. Door Step service – We provide doorstep service for our customers so that the customers do not have to face any kind of difficulty finding a repair center. 
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  6. Online transaction & COD –  We provide a smooth payment method. Our customers can pay according to their preference. We accept online transaction like Debit Card/ Credit Card, UPI transaction and COD.

If you are still facing problems with your iPhone and don’t know what to do or where to visit then worry notiPhone service center in Kolkata is here to help you. We deal with all kinds of major issues regarding your iPhone and also deal with all kind of models such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone SE, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. We provide chip-level doorstep iPhone repair everywhere in Kolkata. Just call us on +91-7044583679 or email us at [email protected] or you can simply live chat with us right now. We will help you out. 

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