iPhone battery replacement

How To Replace iPhone 5C Battery In Kolkata

iPhone 5C Battery Replacement In Kolkata


Are You Looking For iPhone 5C Battery Replacement in Kolkata, Don’t know How to Replace iPhone 5c Battery. The iPhone Service Center in Kolkata is a trustworthy online place where you can repair any kind of iPhone model. If you are facing any iPhone models regarding issues like screen damage, battery issues, power button, volume button, earpiece replacement, speaker replacement, microphone, camera, etc. then it’s time to repair your device or replace the spare parts if required. We also provide some information regarding any damage issues that occur on your iPhone and you can fix these issues at home. So, here the question is How To Replace iPhone 5C Battery? Here we provide some steps that are the best way to replace your iPhone 5C Battery.

Tools you can use:

  • P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone
  • Philips #000 Screwdriver
  • Suction Handle
  • Spudger
  • Tweezers

The following steps of How To Replace iPhone 5C Battery:

Step – 1

Taping the display glass

How To Replace iPhone 5C Screen

  • First power off your iPhone then covers it properly by clear tape.
  • Remove the two 3.8 mm Pentalobe.

Step – 2

Starting the iSlack opening procedure

How To Replace iPhone 5C Screen

  • Place the iPhone between the suction cup.
  • Peel the two suction cups off your iPhone.

Step – 3

Opening up the phone

iPhone 5C Screen Replacement

  • Just lift the home button end of the front panel.
  • Gently remove the two 1.6 mm Philips screws that secure the metal battery connector to the logic board.

Step – 4

Disconnecting the battery connector

iPhone 5C Screen Replacement

  • Then remove the metal battery connector bracket from the iPhone.
  • Carefully remove these screws between front panel assembly cable bracket and logic board:
  1. Two 1.3 mm screws
  2. One 1.7 mm screw
  3. One 3.25 mm screw

Step – 5

Disconnecting the front panel assembly

iPhone 5C Screen Damage Problems

  • Then disconnect the front panel assembly cable from the logic board
  • Then disconnect these:
  1. Front-facing camera and sensor cable
  2. LCD cable connector

Step – 6

Separating the front panel assembly and rear case

iPhone 5C Screen Damage Problems

  • Gently remove the front panel assembly from the rear case.

Step – 7


How To Replace iPhone 5C Battery

  • Then pull the battery adhesive tab from the phone by using the spudger.
  • Cut the black battery adhesive tab placed between the two white adhesive strips.

Step – 8

How To Replace iPhone 5C Battery

  • Remove both the adhesive tab.
  • Then gently lift and remove the battery from the phone.

Here, we provide complete information about the iPhone 5C battery Replacement. It helps you to fix the battery-related issues at home. For more information visit our Youtube channel. But sometimes it is not easily resolved, in this case, don’t try to fix it at home. At, iPhone service center in Kolkata we can resolve any kind of battery-related issues at a very affordable cost. We always use the latest technology to repair or fix the problems. Images are taken from iFixit.

So, this is the answer to the question of How To Replace the iPhone 5C Battery?

Why choose iPhone Service Center In Kolkata?

  • Best certified and experienced engineers and technicians hired by the iPhone service center.
  • The latest techniques used by us.
  • Free pickup and delivery service.
  • Parts protection and parts warranty for secure service.
  • The great support team for all customer queries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What Kind Of Precautions You Must Take During iPhone 5C Battery Replacement?
  • The first and most important thing is you must use globes during this process.
  • Because your iPhone is a delicate device and globes protect it from bacteria, sweating or any other harmful components that are present on your hand.
  • Also, the rubber and plastic material is safe because it protects you from electric shock.
  • Also, gently use the tools like a spudger or screwdriver, so that your device is in better condition after replacement.
  1. What are the important tools needed in the iPhone 5C Battery Replacement process?

The important tools are:

  • P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone
  • Philips #000 Screwdriver
  • Suction Handle
  • Spudger
  • Tweezers
  1. How To Tell If iPhone 5C Battery is the damage?

There are so many reasons that your iPhone 5 Battery becomes faulty or damage like factory defect and extensive use, accidentally falls or spills, water damage, etc. And the signs of the bad screen are:

  • iPhone won’t charge
  • Battery drops in chunks
  • iPhone shuts down with the battery remaining
  • iPhone won’t turn on


iPhone is a costly device, one must look after it very carefully, & must do regular maintenance that it demands, so checking on iPhone problems is one of the regular work for an iPhone user, as if you can identify a problem early, that can eventually save you from lots of troubles and will save your precious money, and once you detect a problem like in this case Battery Damage, you must fix it fast, as longer the time goes, greater the damage will be.


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