iPad Mini 3 Motherboard Repair Cost In Kolkata

iPad Mini 3 Motherboard Repair Cost In Kolkata

Are You looking for an iPad Mini 3 Motherboard Repair cost in Kolkata? Then you have landed on the right place, as we are going to take you on a detailed tour of the Apple authorized service provider in Kolkata.

The iPad Mini 3 motherboard is one of the most advanced and powerful motherboards available. However, it has a reputation for being poorly made and failing prematurely. Apple designed this device with an industry-leading A7 processor and M7 motion coprocessor. This combination is capable of running even high-end games seamlessly without lag or freezing up, making it a powerful piece of hardware for such a small device.

What Is The iPad Mini 3 Motherboard Repair Cost In Kolkata?

iPad Mini 3 Motherboard Repair
iPad Mini 3 Motherboard Repair Cost
ModeliPad Mini 3 Motherboard
PriceRs. 1599 | 2899 | 5500**
Warranty3 Months up to 6 Months
Installation / Labour ChargeNill
Pickup and Drop Service ChargeFree of Cost All Over Kolkata 
** Prices are liable to change according to the market prices and may not be the same when you view this article, so just converse with us on LIVE CHAT to know the exact price.

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You can easily reach us via our official website where you will find a whole new world of possibilities like :

One of the best ways to get your iPad Mini 3 Motherboard Repair is by visiting a service center close to you, but we don’t demand you to rush to us as we tend to provide free pickup and delivery service in and around Kolkata as well as Howrah and take care of all types of iPad Mini 3 problems, in addition, providing great assistance and timely service to our customers.

Why Choose iPhone Service Centre Kolkata?

  • iPad Mini 3 is not turning on

The major issue that a user faces is that iPad is not turning on. The most possible reason for this to happen is a faulty battery or the charging port not working. Check whether your device is properly plugged into the power properly, check whether your charger is working and if all of the above is carefully investigated and still your device is not charging then the possibility is that your charging port is damaged or motherboard is broken.

  • iPad Mini 3 getting heated

The second most common thing that occurs with your iPad Mini 3 is the charging issue. Sometimes the iPad Mini 3 gets heated up extremely than the usual time. The most common reason is the excessive use of the device while being plugged in or the lithium battery present inside the device is wearing out and is getting damaged. If this happens then it is suggested to visit a service center near you.

  • iPad Mini 3 switched off randomly

If the iPad Mini 3 is switching off frequently while plugging in, then there is a huge possibility that the iPad motherboard got damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced.

  • Error displayed on the iPad Mini 3

If you have ever faced any kind of error text that pops up on your iPad Mini 3 whenever you shut on the device. Then it is possible that your device is not getting detected. Troubleshoot your device or connect it to iTunes to get it detected. If the problem further occurs the simply factory reset your device and check your device if the problem got solved or visit a service center.

Other Issues Served By Us:

Apart from Motherboard repair or replacement service we also provide other services like iPad Mini 4 Screen ReplacementSpeaker ReplacementSoftware Issue RepairLiquid Damage RepairMicrophone ReplacementEarpiece Repair so on.

Apart from this, we can fix other issues like:

What Is The Process Of Repairing The Motherboard Of The iPad?

Repairing Motherboard are very complex because it generally involves various components such as ICs, resistors, capacitors, diodes and so on. Experts who are well trained can perform repair on the motherboard as it involves lot of precision tools. If you have any issues that requires repair then we pick up the device and our technician diagnoses the device first and lets you know how much time is required for performing the repair and the repair estimate as well. Motherboard repairs generally takes 5-7 days of time since they are complex. If the device is repaired or if the device is not repairable then the same will be returned to the customer at their doorstep.


We are one of the most trusted iPhone Service Centers in Kolkata owing to the fact that we provide the best quality and certified parts replacement and repairing service all over Kolkata. If you want to know the iPad Mini 3 Motherboard Repair cost just visit our online site, either engage in Live Chat with our support team to get the best assistance or book a repair or call us, on getting to know your whereabouts you will be eligible to get a free pickup and delivery service and a team of expert technicians will be assigned for your device.

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