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If you are in need of reliable and trustworthy repair service for your iMac then look no further. iPhone Service Center Kolkata is the best iMac Service center in town. Our team has years of experience repairing all types of devices including the latest iMac models. We can fix any issue such as iMac screen replacement, iMac Keyboard replacement, iMac SMPS Replacement etc., without compromising quality so don't hesitate to contact us now or book your repair now.


iMac Repair Service In kolkata

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We provide service all over kolkata. Get free pickup & drop of your device any where in Kolkata.

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All our engineers are highly experienced and self certified to work on Apple devices & fix any issue.

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Get Original/OEM replacement parts on all your iPhone repair or replacement in a much affordable cost.

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With 10000+ customers, we are one of the most trusted and affordable iPhone service center across Kolkata. 


I got my Apple iPhone 11 Pro repaired from iPhone Service Center In Kolkata. My phone is out of warranty and I was facing liquid damage issues because by mistake I spilled water on it. I was really scared about it and I thought it was totally damaged. The technicians are certified and they are highly experienced and knowledgeable. The best part is they don’t charge high for the service with free pickup and delivery.

iPhone 11 Pro Liquid Damage

Shreyasi Majhee

Great experience! I had a problem with my iPhone 7s screen that is totally damaged due to an accident and it is completely useless. Got them through their website on google and they offered me for immediate service. Solved my problem within few hours. Replace my screen as new phone screen in a genuine cost. Very gentle and polite behavior, I am satisfied 100 percent. Thanks a lot iPhone Service Center, Kolkata
iPhone 7s Screen Damage

Swati Sinha

I am one of the customers of iPhone Service Center in Kolkata. Satisfied service provided by their technicians. I requested to change my iPhone 4 battery and I enquired different service center but I didn’t get it anywhere because of old model. But iPhone Service Center, Kolkata replace my iPhone battery and delivered it at my office. Thanks to their doorstep service. So, I am totally happy with this service center.
iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

Tanaya Bhattacharya

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You can now visit any iPhone service center near you. As our service center is spreaded across all major locations in Kolkata. So now get the best and affordable iPhone repair done form our below mentioned service center across Kolkata.


iMac Repair & Servicing In Kolkata

At iPhone Service Center In Kolkata, we are specialists in the maintenance repair, and overhaul of iMac engine systems. We have been serving the Kolkata city area for quite a long time. We offer the highest quality skill and genuine repair service at a very reasonable price. Backed by years of experience our trained and certified expert technicians can repair any technical faults in your iMac. So, if you are looking for an iMac repair service in Kolkata we are the one and only people you should pay a visit to. We offer 7 days a week service for the best customer care assistance. We provide the best repairing services for iPhoneMacBook, iWatch, iMac, iPad etc. 

iMac Screen Replacement

iMac LCDs are so delicate that they can easily be broken, cracked, or get defective at any time. And if that happens replacing the screen is your only choice. iPhone Service Center In Kolkata is providing the best iMac screen repair service in Kolkata right now. So any black screen, touch screen, broken screen, fuzzy pixelated screen , stuck in loading or monitor color-related or any iMac screen issues come here and get your screen fixed and replaced with an upfront genuine flat fee service. In addition to that, we also provide a broad range of cheapest urgent and same-day delivery services for all our customers. Most of the apple users knows about us in the the town So Contact us now for your repairing job.

iMac Keyboard Replacement

No matter how little you use your iMac keyboard in your everyday life, if those small buttons somehow end up being damaged and don’t function fully it’s all good for nothing. Replacing it with a new one is your only choice. And if you are in Kolkata, iPhone Service Center In is best at doing so. Along with repairing standard iMac keyboards to mac magic wireless keyboards replacement, we provide all kinds of details and recommendations to our customers that go beyond any iMac servicing center in India.

iMac SMPS Replacement

Switch Mode Power Supply also commonly known as SMPS is one of the key elements of iMac and all other desktop laptops around the world. No backlight, blank dark screen, frozen monitor, squealing noises, and a whole lot of things can start happening if it gets damaged. So installing a new power supply model is always recommended. Even though replacing a power supply may seem like a relatively easy process than other iMac problems, it still requires expert knowledge and smooth work skills to do it in the most efficient way which offers at a very high level.

iMac Data Recovery

Apple iMac has been around for almost two decades now. And they have been constantly updating their tvOS software to offer the highest quality data protection service for every device out there. However, it is impossible to live without failing at something, and iMac software and operating systems are no exception. Even in this age of technology, countless people are losing their important data on iMac. So if you are one of them and searching for the best iMac data recovery center near you, then come to us. iPhone Service Center In Kolkata provides the best iMac data recovery service in the town right now. Our certified operating system engineers can help recover any data recovery-related issues in no time.

iMac Virus Removal

Your iMac is slowing down day by day. There are ads and pop-ups everywhere. You are seeing programs you haven’t installed. Browser redirection happens and can’t access your files and you see no reason behind this. If all these symptoms are showing signs in your iMac. Then there’s a good chance your device got affected by virus malware. So, if you are in Kolkata and want to quickly diagnose your Apple iMac from all these spyware malware infections then visit us and get the best iMac virus removal service assistance for your device.

iMac Water Damage Repair

Out of all the damages that can probably happen to your Apple iMac device this is probably the deceptive and trickiest one to fix. Unlike other Apple devices, the iMac is very sensitive to water and other liquids. Even the very small amount of tea coffee juice water drop can damage your whole iMac system as it’s not water-resistant or waterproof. So to fully repair this as a whole, technicians need a good sense of inspection and judgment skills along with a  good overall repair knowledge which is very hard to find these days, especially in Kolkata right now. iPhone Service Center In Kolkata has years of experience regarding water damage and all and has been repairing all kinds of Mac iMac problems genuinely as the best iMac  repair service center in the city for a long time now.


We are an independent service center. We are not related to any Apple authorized Center. We give iPhone repair services out of warranty and we do not give any service warranty.