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Get iPhone Repair in Saltlake (Kolkata). Best Apple Service Center in Saltlake


Saltlake also known as Bidhannagar is one of the most advanced satellite city of West Bengal, India, Developed during the 60s it is now the home for the new generation upper-middle cast population of Kolkata, unsurprisingly it has a literacy rate of nearly 95%, a very good number for any place in the world. But as it is home to the wealthy people of Kolkata, Price of some commodities are just unreasonably high, a good iPhone service center that actually provides original Apple Parts are no different, making it hard to get iPhone repair in Saltlake, as it is hard to find good Apple service center in Saltlake who uses original Apple parts yet do not overcharge.

Why You Need a 3rd Party iPhone Repair in Saltlake?

Now, be honest if this is the first time you ever need a iPhone Repair in Saltlake or anywhere else, the first question you may be asking yourself why not go to the Apple’s service center directly to get your iPhone repaired? Well here is the hard truth, Apple’s service center do not actually do any repairing work. YOU GO THERE & ONLY OFFER YOU WILL GET IS TO EXCHANGE YOUR CURRENT MODEL FOR A UN-PACK MODEL OF THEIRS & YOU WILL GET A DISCOUNT WHICH IS ONLY A SMALL FRACTION OF ORIGINAL PRICE OF YOUR DEVICE. And you are left with no-other choice but to opt for a third party. But do remember not all of them the same, some are really good some not so. You better be choosy in this issue or regret later

A Random iPhone Repair in Saltlake Always A Bad Idea

There are many things you must ask yourself before handing over your precious iPhone to just anybody for repairing. There are factors that make the difference between a good & a bad iPhone repair in Saltlake, those factors includes-

Untrained Technicians: You heard it right not everybody can or should try to repair Apple devices, Apple gives certification highly talented & experienced engineers, & only they can even open the device safely, and repair them, but that should not come to any body as a surprise, as iPhone offer best in class Nano technology fabricated in chip, those chips are both complex & delicate, no wonder it will need a qualified engineer to handle all that

Duplicate Parts: Yes, there are iPhone repair in Saltlake you may have come across that offers to replace a broken iPhone screen only for 3000 Rs, or so. But let me ask you one logical question. How a device worth over Rs 50000 can have a screen of only Rs 3000?- The answer is simple it’s duplicate, and they don’t care, if you need another replacement within months or even weeks, they just want your money.

Overcharging: As we have already mentioned early in the content whenever you may find a Apple service center in Saltlake that are professional & gives you original Apple Parts they will ask for some unreasonable prices, which is just too much, as they take huge commission on their work from you.

Unprofessionalism: Even after you pay such huge amount of money, there is no often mischief on their side, late delivery, asking way more than initial estimation & many more, which some time gets just too annoying,

Dirty Workspace: That part is kind of common in nearly every iPhone repair in Saltlake, be it a cheap place or a costly one, untidiness is every where, & as already mentioned iPhone chips are highly delicate & sensitive to dust, in untidy places iPhone not even should be open, let alone get repaired

What’s Makes Us Better Than Them

As there are factors that make a difference between a good choice and a bad choice, like that there are factors that makes us a notch better than any iPhone repair in Saltlake. Those factors includes:

Apple Certified Engineers: We have highly professional & experienced engineers on our team, we are also certified by Apple, who has huge experience in iPhone repair. There is no iPhone related issue of any iPhone model that our engineers cant handle.

We Value Your Time: Unlike others we keep our promises, & deliver your repaired product at right time, as we understand how important an iPhone can be to you, and until something big happens we are always punctual.

Original Apple Parts at Lowest Price: We always offer our customer original Apple parts, and unlike some greedy iPhone service center in Saltlake we only keep thin margin of profit, and we have our fixed vendor from which we buy original Apple Parts in bulks at discounted rate resulted in we can offer you a price so low for original Apple parts that is affordable for everybody.

Warranty On Our Replaced Parts: We take full responsibility of the parts we have replaced, if for some reason they start to malfunction, just inform us, we will get to you replace the parts for free of cost.

Free pick-up & delivery: We have a very big team of delivery boys, who will pick up and delivered your device safely anywhere in Kolkata & this service is absolutely free.

Get Engineer From Home: You can get our engineers at any time, just call us, our engineers will be at your doorstep to do your repairing jobs.

Professionalism: We have a full time customer service team, who will always get back to get once you get in touch with us. You can always register a complain if you have any with them.

Responsibility: Last but not least factor that differentiate us from others is we are fully committed to our services, as we never deliver faulty products to our customer. As we keep one day in hand, just to test the repaired product, and we only hand over the device to you, if they pass all our tests, else not. We also have strict policy of no work no pay, if for some reason we could not repair your device you don’t have to pay anything to us, no services charge, no delivery charge nothing at all. It is because we aim for better service quality than short term profits.

Services you will get from us

we have a big team of Apple Certified Engineers who can repair all the iPhone models. However, there are some problems we face more commonly than others.

The iPhone models our experts has work on includes

The problems we have worked on:-

iPhone Screen Replacement: This is the most common problem faced by our experts, broken or cracked iPhone screens are very common, but this problem may make your iPhone unusable, so whenever you face any such problems just remember us, we will get it done for you for a nominal realistic charge.

iPhone Battery Replacement: Another most common problems our experts solve every day, that is iPhone battery replacement, be it any models our experts we replace it safely at the shortest time.

iPhone software issue: Is your iPhone getting slower every day, or malfunctioning a lot? It could be software problem, a software problem can happen for various reasons, ranging from corrupt files, downloading harmful apps, virus attack anything. But our experts are well versed dealing with any software issue. We will definitely repair the software issue within prespecified time, as we have done dozens of time.

iPhone Sound Problem: It’s another annoying problem for any iPhone users, suddenly system sound is getting very low, or sound button is malfunctioning and need replacement. This problem might not be very serious, but an unprofessional technician using duplicate Apple parts may ruin, everything, so even if that problem is not so serious, you will need a professional helping hand like us, to deal with the matter.

iPhone Ram issue: This type of problem is not very common, but still it happens a lot none the less. Ram or memory problem can every severe, as you will not be able to save anything to your iPhone anymore, and iPhone will malfunction a lot, if you give it to any repair technician, you may or may not get the issue solved, but they will format your phone to factory setting & you will lose all of your precious data. But we are not like them, we solve the issue but we also safeguard your precious data, so you lose nothing in the process,


We provide best in class iPhone service anywhere in Kolkata, we are a trusted brand, served thousands of customers over the years, made a market name for ourselves in the process. We once were a small brand, but we were professional even then & we always been completely devoted to our jobs. We have always put customers’ need over our short time profit. In time of corona we had suffered huge losses, but even than we did not disappointed a single customer, ins respective of the business we got from them we treated them equally. we had provided complete services to them. Its because we always believe in hard work, we don’t even attempt to find short cuts. this is the reason despite all we have tolerated, we are still standing with pride, and we will continue to do so. and that’s why We are the best iPhone repair in Saltlake.


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