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If you are in need of reliable and trustworthy repair service for your iWatch or apple watch then look no further. iPhone Service Center Kolkata is the best iWatch Service center in town. Our team has years of experience repairing all types of devices including the latest iWatch models. We can fix any issue such as iWatch screen damage, iWatch battery damage, iWatch water damage, etc., without compromising quality so don't hesitate to contact us now or book your repair now.


Apple watch Repair Service In kolkata

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We provide service all over kolkata. Get free pickup & drop of your device any where in Kolkata.

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All our engineers are highly experienced and self certified to work on Apple devices & fix any issue.

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Get Original/OEM replacement parts on all your iPhone repair or replacement in a much affordable cost.

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With 10000+ customers, we are one of the most trusted and affordable iPhone service center across Kolkata. 


I got my Apple iPhone 11 Pro repaired from iPhone Service Center In Kolkata. My phone is out of warranty and I was facing liquid damage issues because by mistake I spilled water on it. I was really scared about it and I thought it was totally damaged. The technicians are certified and they are highly experienced and knowledgeable. The best part is they don’t charge high for the service with free pickup and delivery.

iPhone 11 Pro Liquid Damage

Shreyasi Majhee

Great experience! I had a problem with my iPhone 7s screen that is totally damaged due to an accident and it is completely useless. Got them through their website on google and they offered me for immediate service. Solved my problem within few hours. Replace my screen as new phone screen in a genuine cost. Very gentle and polite behavior, I am satisfied 100 percent. Thanks a lot iPhone Service Center, Kolkata
iPhone 7s Screen Damage

Swati Sinha

I am one of the customers of iPhone Service Center in Kolkata. Satisfied service provided by their technicians. I requested to change my iPhone 4 battery and I enquired different service center but I didn’t get it anywhere because of old model. But iPhone Service Center, Kolkata replace my iPhone battery and delivered it at my office. Thanks to their doorstep service. So, I am totally happy with this service center.
iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

Tanaya Bhattacharya

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You can now visit any iPhone service center near you. As our service center is spread across all major locations in Kolkata. So now get the best and affordable iPhone repair done form our below mentioned service center across Kolkata.


iWatch Repair & Service In Kolkata

With the advent of new technology, Apple watches these days are running wild with their features, updates, and more. Those classic opulent and splendid square-shaped utterly irresistible designs paired with engineering and subtle modifications created a luxurious spicy complexity that carved the epitome of normality in a new sense of modernization. More and more people are buying it and obviously more and more are breaking it as well. 

Even though they are made of stainless steel and special sapphire crystal glass, they can’t survive a 6-inch fall onto a hard surface nor will they survive lifelong with a damaged battery right?! You need servicing and repairing. However, some good things, of course, come at a price especially if it’s an apple watch. Furthermore, unlike normal watches, it’s not easy to repair. There are so many rooms of functions and fastenings that you need the topmost experts to repair it to a perfect degree. You can’t go loose with an apple watch. And that is exactly why it’s so hard to find a good iWatch repair service center. But, worry not, here we are. iPhone service center in Kolkata with repair service for all the Apple iPhone, iWatch, iMac, iPad and MacBook. We offer repairing services for all apple watch series like series 1, series 2 , series 3 , series 4. Most of the apple device users knows about us as we always provide the best world class services. so contact us Now for your apple watch repairing services.

iWatch Screen Replacement

Replacing the iWatch screen is something you don’t wanna take lightly. It’s so much of a hassle and hours of carefully scrutinized work that if it is done carelessly, you could be in big trouble. You can lose your multi-touch functionality on your display. The light sensor might not work. Screen brightness may get imbalanced and many more. So choose your service center very carefully. But if you are in Kolkata or West Bengal maybe you don’t have to think too much ‘cause provides the best iWatch repair service all across Kolkata WB now. Our expert technicians do their job with great enthusiasm and energy. We also charge half what they’ll charge you at other Apple stores.

iWatch Water Damage

Your apple watch may be water-resistant but not waterproof. So if your iWatch gets wet and you need an iWatch water damage repair service, come fix it in our iPhone service center Kolkata in the most cost-effective way possible in the whole Kolkata right now. We are the best in town to provide the best iPhone water damage repair. Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians will solve your issue quickly and efficiently.

iWatch Battery Replacement

One of the greatest advances done in the development of iWatch is probably its battery life which lasts usually for about 2 and a half years. But even so, that’s still not enough. Something unexpected can always happen in between those days. Furthermore, what will you do after two and a half years? You will need to change your battery to keep the pace going. If you find that the battery of your iWatch is draining out quickly and not getting charged even after frequent charging its time for iWatch battery replacement. We at iPhone service center offers the best iWatch battery replacement services compared to any other service center  in town. Our iWatch battery replacement cost is very reasonable. so, if you are wondering that which is the best Apple watch Service center near me, trust us we are the best in town. Just bring your device to us and our highly skilled technicians who are equipped with latest tools and technology will solve your issue in no time.

iWatch Charging Jack Repair

The Apple Watch is having jack problems. It’s not just that the port can be easily broken using normal wear and tear, but the actual physical connection inside the charging port seems to be flaky. Without a proper charging jack the apple watch is of no use. If you are facing the same problem you must immediately visit iPhone service center. We provide the best apple watch charging jack repair service in Kolkata. Our experienced Technicians will solve your issue quickly and efficiently.

iWatch Software Updates And Wifi Issues

Having trouble with your iWatch. Don’t worry your iWatch needs a software update. We at iPhone service center provide the best iWatch software update service in Kolkata. Our technicians will update the software of your iWatch and it will once again will work smoothly. Software issues may also cause Wifi issue or connect to your phone. So we always recommend to get the apple watch software update for us if you notice these sort of issues.

We are an independent service center. We are not related to any Apple authorized Center. We give iPhone repair services out of warranty and we do not give any service warranty.